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I was searching for a friend for my little Jack Russell as he suffered anxiety issues and could be a little toe rag with other dogs. I got in contact with Paws Crossed via Somerset and Dorset rescue as they had a few dogs ready for adoption.


Claire arranged a first meeting on mutual ground so my boy could meet "Pepsi" as she was called and it was love at first sight, I had a home check then I got to see how "Pepsi" got on with my boy at home, they spent nearly all night playing then settled down on top of me on the sofa,

So that was it she didn't leave! I renamed her and received continual support from Claire, and regularly update the charity on her progress.


I'm going to have to admit in all the dogs I've shared my life with Luna (new name) is the most loving and stubborn girl, she LOVEs food, and armpits tickled, 


Not all was smooth to begin with and I expected that as she never lived in a home environment so I had to improve on the toilet training and remove "toys" or my collection of bears and rugs in human terms as she loved them. She now has her paws firmly under the table, makes new friends daily, goes to agility and smiled when she faced her fear of the Tunnel, life skills training weekly and running through long grass ( her favorite thing to do).

So anyone thinking of adopting from Paws Crossed - it will change your life but you must realise, like with all dogs, you need to put effort in and train the dog you choose and they will enrich your life and will be the best decision you ever make. These dogs go through so much and they are still willing to love and trust humans again.

Sandy, Somerset


After searching for another rescue dog  to join our family I accidentally came across Claire and Paws Crossed UK . To be honest I was very dubious and wary about adopting from outside of the UK as I had heard some worrying stories of evil scammers from other countries. 

After doing a very rigid Miss Marple investigation on Claire and her cause I decided to bite the bullet and go through the adoption process with her . 

The result : 

I now have 2 beautiful, calm , healthy , grateful and very loving street dogs from Egypt that we couldn’t imagine life without . 

Claire and her team not only dedicate their lives to saving these poor souls but they guide you through every step of the way and are very upfront when it comes to the welfare of these doggies. 

We have a 3rd dog coming soon and I trust these guys 100% that what they are doing is through love and love only . 


Samantha, Kent


Thank you so much for rescuing Bodhi and bringing her into our lives. She is such a lovely little dog who deserved a better life. I don't want to think what could have happened to my precious girl if she hadn't been rescued. You do such amazing work rescuing these beautiful souls, getting them healthy and then into loving homes. Truly making a difference in a cruel world.



Hazel and Bodhi xx


I have only been part of the PCS family for a short time but in that time I have seen the lives of these dogs be transformed by the hard work of the 3 ladies that run it. These poor dogs were used and abused for financial gain by the previous shelter owner / manager, who walked away and left them all to starve to death. At this stage the ladies stepped in and took on the monumental task of moving these dogs to a better shelter and away from the scumbags that abused them, and all the logistics of this was achieved from the UK. 

The abuse that these dogs have suffered at the hands of evil humans is slowly being sorted out thanks to the tireless fundraising by Claire, Alex and Alex and the other Amazing PCS supporters. PCS's ultimate goal is to re-home all the dogs in their care and I know that these amazingly dedicated, caring, hardworking, inspirational ladies will achieve that in time. If you are looking to rescue and rehome a dog look no further then Paws Crossed Survivors

Jacqueline, London

This charity is awesome, the work for the dogs is endless, the care and work for adopters and fosterers is fantastic. These dogs would be lost forever if paws crossed survivors Egypt, the care for all and any dog is ongoing and tailored for their needs.


Please find it in your hearts to donate , foster or adopt, i have been an adopter and received all the help and care i asked for, i support this charity in all ways.


Thanks for reading this review.


Lynn, Dorset xxx

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