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Sherry is a 5 or 6 year old German Shepard girl currently boarding at HOPE - Egyptian Baladi Rescue & Rehabilitation. She was rescued from a hoarding situation where she'd remained untreated for a year or more. X-ray's revealed her pelvis had been broken and her hips badly displaced. She was severely malnourished, weighing just 14kg and had mange, ehrlichia (a tick-borne disease), anemia and liver problems. She has been on a special diet and receiving pain relief and massages to get her muscles working again. She enjoys swimming in the shelter pool, and has used a wheelchair, but stopped as she became shaky in it.. She urgently needs to come to the UK to start her new life and see if any more can be done for her.

Home and sponsors needed.
Please click the Paypal button below to donate or contact us via or via our facebook page if you are interested in offering her a home or foster placement.
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