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Shelter Life

Shelter Life is tough in Egypt, even though we are not on the streets we still face many problems every day. Sometimes it is very hot in the summer. Until recently, we didn't have any shades. But we heard that the team in the UK fund raised for us and now we have shades...we have even heard talk of a pool being built! A lady called Rofia looks after us in our shelter, she's kind to us. 

Sometimes there are fights between us, especially at dinner time or when people come to see us. We all want a full tummy and some attention. It's hard to get around us all. We have two small meals a day of chicken and bread. Sometimes if we are good we get dry kibble and treats that visitors bring. We love dry food but we heard the humans say it's expensive, so it's a treat when we have it. 

We often lose friends through illness or disease, you see it's hard to stay healthy when we all live so closely together. But we do our best. 

It's really nice when we see our friends leave for their new homes and families. But we are left behind wondering when it will be our turn. We feel sad a lot of the time. We are all waiting for our turn to go home......

Our Dogs
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