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Sakkara was meant to travel in June, but just days before her flight it was discovered she had Canine TVT, a sexually transmitted form of cancer that is common in un-spayed street dogs. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy and seems to be responding well. We hope she will be able to travel late summer, please get in touch if you would like to offer this beautiful girl her dream home and family.
Sakkara has a heartbreaking history. Claire and Ramy heard her screams as she was being beaten by children with sticks, she had just given birth and they also had her pups. They ran to her and rescued her and 3 of her puppies, sadly 3 were already dead. Unfortunately, due to the shock, out of the remaining 3 saved, only one survived, he was named Lucky and has been adopted in Egypt. 
Looking for Foster or Adoption.
Sakkara's treatment is expensive, please use the Paypal button below to donate to her, or contact us via to inquire about adopting or fostering her.
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