Left us 7th November 2020 

Today the decision was made to let Kon my gorgeous foster dog make his way over the rainbow bridge . Having come from a country where euthanasia is not an option, I and many of the other people involved in this decision have really struggled. Kon you were so loved. We found you the best medical treatment,You got to eat your favourite food, you had the most comfrey bed, & the warmth and love of a home here with me. Special boy may your little painful body now rest in peace. - Niki Roe, Konafa's foster mummy

My sponsor boy wonky Kon left us today for the rainbow bridge. In his very short time in the UK his was shown more one on one love and Kindness from his foster mum Niki Roe then he has probably ever know. His life was full of trauma until the ladies of paws crossed survivors Egypt took him in but damaged was done to his tiny frail body. Run free my wonky Kon and I am grateful I got to meet you and cuddle you just the once - Jaqueline Coffey-Raven, Konafa's sponsor.