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Jari is our miracle dog! This poor soul had been run over and left for dead at side of the road In Cairo. He lay there for at LEAST 2 days in 45 degree heat. PCS were alerted and thankfully we were able to ask HOPE shelter to collect him for first aid. When the driver arrived the garbage man was putting him in the trash like worthless rubbish. They got to him just in time. He was in a critical condition and in shock. His little body was covered in maggots. He ate and ate, but remained paralysed, then one day he got up and took his first steps! Now he can walk almost normally!
Sponsored by  Dagmar Müller-SalgetClaire Marie Steele, Adam Ramzy and Lynn Rainbow-kurz
To donate to Jari please use the Paypal button below, or contact us via to inquire about adopting or fostering him.
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