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A very special home is needed for Tamtam, a loving and playful baladi girl rescued from extreme abuse in Egypt. She is around 2 years old and is a tri-paw, having lost the lower part of her left front leg in a brutal act of cruelty on the streets of Cairo. Due to her traumatic past she has special requirements, which the centre have provided us with below:

“TamTam’s ideal home will be somewhere with a good sized lawned garden where she can play and bounce about in her paddling pool. Tam is not and may not ever be a dog you can just pop a lead on and go for a walk. The world has been very cruel to her and to go out of her safe zone is too much and she will literally just lie down and try and hide herself if she is scared. 

She has been mixing close to other dogs and feeling a lot more secure now with them to a point i feel she MAY be able to live with another disabled, physically effected dog with very careful slow intros, nothing too big about the same size as her. Tam needs to be a home dog, no venturing out - the house and garden are all she needs. She’s much braver with new people but again will need to feel safe and go to new people when she feels safe. She is not a bite risk at all. She needs a very special sofa with someone who will accept her for how she is now. She is a lovable, cuddly and bouncy girl and she is enjoying life now and trusting more each day.” – Joy Keys.

Tamtam can get nervous around men and strangers, so will need a peaceful space to retreat into when visitors are present. Joy has kindly offered to work with her new owner to help her make the transition. This will include advice, home support and help with vet visits and other healthcare.

Please message me or email if you are interested in offering our beautiful girl a home or fostering her.


Tamtam is currently in rehab costing £12 a day, any donation towards her stay would be much appreciated

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