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Information for anyone wanting to adopt from Paws Crossed UK. 

The dogs chosen to be brought to the UK go through very a controlled and regulated process before travel. 

1. General health check 
2. Blood tests are taken for parasites 
3. They are microchipped 
4. Receive vaccinations (booster) 
5. Rabies vaccination 
6. Blood test taken 1 month after 
7. Blood sample sent to Germany or the UK lab for testing of Rabies antibodies 
8. Blood test result received
9. Depending on blood result - negative means they can travel. Positive means another vaccine and retest. 
10. Dog receives further blood test for blood parasites 2 weeks before travel. 
11. Dog receives flea treatment and deworming 5 days before travel. 
12. Dog travels in line with DEFRA regulations via Egypt air 
13. When dog arrives, a UK based handling agency (petair) receives the dog at the animal pet reception at Heathrow Airport and is checked by a DEFRA vet. 
14. If the dog is well and paperwork is in order, the Dog is able to travel home 48hrs later. 

So as you can now see, it’s a lengthy process which takes around 3-4 months. Maybe quicker if the dogs is already prepared for travel. But we do it right and thankfully have been successful in all of our travel arrangement so far. 

We charge an adoption fee of £500 which cover preparation, flights and UK fees. This is heavily subsidised by fundraising. The actual costs per dog is approx £900! All adoption fees go back to the dogs.

Please contact us if you are interested in adoption.


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