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Our Story

We are called Paws Crossed Survivors because we rescued 74 dogs from HELL in 2018. A concentration camp in Cairo, where dogs were hoarded by a man and woman called Ramy and Fatma. The dogs were taken in from the streets with horrific injuries from the hands of humans. But were abused even further and used as commodities to bring in donations from compassionate people (inc myself).


One day In January 19, we became worried about the lack of updates. So I investigated them, and what was found was harrowing. Starving dogs, some almost dead, injured dogs left to rot, no food, no shade, no medication, teeming with ticks and lice ....just hell. The dogs we got out of there alive are SURVIVORS.

Debts for rent and food were left behind. The two criminals had fled and left the dogs to rot. Then WE stepped in. A very small team of us, and we got them out, to safety at Chance Animal Rescue. It took us weeks and to be honest it still makes me feel sick when I think of what happened to these dogs.

WE fund raised, we built new kennels, a new start for them. But that wasn’t the end of the nightmare. Almost 90% of the dogs had blood parasites, mange or worse still - pregnant. It was all such a terrible mess. 

We are getting there slowly but surely. The dogs are settling into new kennels, getting medications and being spayed and neutered. But we still need to support them. We need to raise around £1300 a month to support them in food, medications and vet visits. But most importantly, we want to re home as many of these dogs as possible! Shelter life is not a life for a dog. 

We have seen so much heartache this past year, but nothing as worse as what the dogs have had to endure. We rescue and help other dogs frequently  and we share a space with CHANCE Shelter, also supporting their dogs with extra food, a swimming pool! Medical care and infrastructure. 

We will remember the ones we lost forever, and we will not stop fighting for these dogs until all of them feel the comfort of a home.

Claire Steele - PCS Founder 

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