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​About Us


We are a small group of ladies who took it upon ourselves to help the street dogs of Cairo, Egypt. We are a non-profit organisation and we are all volunteers. 

Claire and Lucy are twin sisters who founded Paws Crossed Survivors after they rescued 74 dogs from a fake shelter in Cairo. These dogs were being cruelly neglected by the owner and many had horrific injuries. 

Now all of the dogs are safe in a new shelter and we fund-raise every month for their board, food and medications. 

We also prepare these dogs for travel and find them homes in the UK. It is our intention to get every single dog we have under our care - homed. 

In Egypt we have teamed up with Chance Shelter and have our shelter Manager Sana, and Rofia, who is Chance Shelter manager. We also have 2 wonderful volunteers called Robert

and Sherine who all work tirelessly for the dogs. 

In the UK, Jinny is our main fundraiser and sponsor administrator, Claire is the general manager and Lucy is our adoptions manager. We all have full time jobs and run this mission purely during our free time. We do it for the dogs that need us! 

Thank you for visiting our site and please get in touch if you have any questions. 

Looking For Homes.
Meet the Team at Paws Crossed Survivors 


Claire is the founder of Paws Crossed Survivors. She recently left the British Army after 17 years service and now works for a Veterans Charity.

She started helping the dogs of Egypt in 2016 when she sponsored a paralysed dog called Liza. Liza was the first dog that Claire brought to the safety of the UK. Since 2018 Claire has re-homed over 30 dogs and doesn't have any intention of stopping helping these poor dogs. She has a rescue dog of her own called Bubu. 



Lucy is twin sister to Claire and first became involved Paws Crossed Survivors when helping Claire fund-raise for Liza. Since then she has been an admin and our biggest supporter, offering financial help when we desperately needed it. Lucy is also in the British Army and lives in Wiltshire. She has two spaniels called Charlie and Milly. 



Jinny first became involved in Paws Crossed when she contacted Claire to help with fundraising and Jinny has stuck by us ever since! Jinny is our main fundraiser now and does tremendous vital work to ensure we meet our monetary targets each month. Jinny also manages the sponsorship of the dogs and is the an absolute savior to the dogs and the PCSE Team.  Jinny lives in Gloucester and has a beautiful rescue dog called Jimmy. 



Sana is the shelter Manager. Sana takes care of our dogs for us in Cairo, helping us prepare the dogs to travel, general health, food and shelter maintenance.  Sana is an animal rights activist in Egypt and has laid her life on the line so many times to help save dogs. Sana has many of her own Dogs and Cats which she has rescued. Sana also has a daughter called Aybike who helps out at the shelter, all the dogs love her and enjoy playing together. We would be lost without Sana and Aybike.  

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